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CRP Maintenance

Maintaining your CRP fields to the NRCS standards including brush hogging, discing, tree removal, invasive species control, and brush management. This includes chemical or mechanical removal depending on the situation.

Timber Stand Improvement (TSI)
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Crop tree release, corridor creation, brush management, and invasive species control. TSI is a balance between protecting your timber investment and providing cover and brows for wildlife needs. 

Food Plots

Creation, maintenance, and design of food plots to develop desired wildlife movement. Plantings are determined by soil type, location, area size, and surrounding properties. 

Prescribed Burning

Prescribed burning is the best tool to maintain your CRP fields and/or your switch grass, as well as generating new growth within the timber. 

Native Grass Planting (Switch Grass)

Switch grass is the fastest cover you can provide deer on a property. Plantings are used for not only bedding, but for concealment of your movement and separating deer from each other's line of sight. 

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